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  Working on a tip, Bruce Fox aka: Stoner Van Houten headed towards a Vegan Bar in Oakland, California in search of Steven Dennis Grogan aka:  Clem, Scramble head, Grant Mollan, Clem Tufts and now Adam Gabriel or whom the band leader refers to as the reverend Adam. 

  1969- Steve was a member of Manson Family. He went on trial for the murder of Shorty Shea and was convicted and originally sentenced to death, but on December 23, 1971, a judge had compassion for Steve and changed the sentence to life imprisonment, stating "Grogan was too stupid and too hopped up on drugs to decide anything on his own."

  During the days when Grogan hung around with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, he crashed Wilson's uninsured Ferrari while racing through Santa Susana Pass just up from Spahn's Ranch. Grogan was convicted along with Bruce Davis and Charles Manson of the 1969 murder of Spahn Movie Ranch hand Donald "Shorty" Shea.

  While in prison Steve gave information to authorities on where to find Shorty Shea's body that was still at the time buried at Spahn's Ranch. They went and dug Shorty up and on November 18, 1985 Steve was released from prison and to date he is the only Manson family member convicted of murder to be released from prison.
  2017-  Above Stoner Van Houten snaps a selfie of Steve and him together with his friend and the band members April 20, 2017. Today Steve is married to Dr. Janice Nakagawa, has one son named Adam another named Gabriel and lives in Northern California.  Steve Grogan is a well accomplished musician and has played music all his life. He started out with the Manson Family and has an Album where he sings most of the vocals. The album "The Manson Family sings the songs of Charles Manson" can still be found for sale at places like Amoeba Records or online or on sites like You Tube. He was also featured in the 1970's movie "MANSON" he can be heard in there singing the song Helter Skelter. In prison he was part of the music program and along with Bobby Beausoliel made recordings from Tracy Prison.
    Steve Grogan has played alongside notable jazz musicians Rex Hall, Mitch Woods, Dan Hicks, Dave Bell and the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir. He is a master of many stringed instruments including the banjo, dobro, guitarist, and mandolin. He has played in several bands including Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88's, Rhythm town Jive, The Christmas Jug band and Those Damn Accordions!.
Bruce was able to get several good photo's of what Clem looks like today along with about an hour of the band playing that night. Above photo, photographed by a friend of Stoner named Stacey, she on her birthday captured a picture of Clem a week prior at the same location. Steve in this intimate pose eating his vegan food and drinking his water as if he is still part of the A.T.W.A. program. Below is a band flyer that lists the band information and on the back signed by the ban including Clem whom signed it "Adam". 
Below you can listen to about an hour of the private concert they put on for Stoner and his friend on 420, Bruce said at one point they was playing just for the two of them and now you too can listen to it in the link below. Bruce Fox aka: Stoner Van Houten can be reached at Stoner420fox@Yahoo.com
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  New Episodes Premiere Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT With an Inside Look at the Rise of Country Megastar Dolly Parton.

  Monday, February 6, 2017 – REELZ announced it has renewed its original documentary series National Enquirer Investigates for a second season. The National Enquirer, the series gives viewers unprecedented access to The National Enquirer’s secret files, featuring never-before-told stories alongside gripping insider interviews and fresh expert analysis.

​  New hour-long episodes of National Enquirer Investigates will reveal the real story behind Britney Spears’ return to the spotlight, the rogue and rowdy lifestyle of Miley Cyrus and the tumultuous and tangled relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown. Viewers will also see episodes about jarring new revelations and twists in the cases of Jodi Arias and Charles Manson with details about how both continue to make headlines behind bars.

  Dylan Howard, AMI Chief Content Officer and Editor-In-Chief of the National Enquirer said  “We look forward to continuing our partnership with REELZ to deliver the kind of extraordinary stories that deliver more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller and delighted to become a cornerstone of the spring schedule.”

  National Enquirer Investigates is produced by Jupiter Entertainment, the true crime/mystery production powerhouse, in partnership with American Media, Inc. (AMI) & The Weinstein Company (TWC).
Real lives. Real stories. Real celebrities.

  REELZ is a leading independent cable and satellite general entertainment network that is home to National Enquirer Investigates.

  National Enquirer Investigates will make viewers question everything they thought they knew about the most sensational crimes and celebrity scandals in Hollywood history.  Developed in partnership with American Media, Inc. and America’s most popular weekly magazine, The National Enquirer, the series gives viewers unprecedented access to The National Enquirer’s secret files, featuring never-before-told stories alongside fascinating new evidence, insider interviews and fresh expert analysis.
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 Two Days on the set with a Canadian film crew who’s doing a new documentary for Reelz TV coming in fall of 2017 about the Manson Family

Quiet on the set!
 ​  It was an early morning shoot at Spahn’s Movie and Horse Ranch in Chatsworth, California  March 21, 2017 and the film crew  had a permit issued to film from 7:30 AM until 9:30 AM at the State Park on Santa Susana Pass with Ranger Mike accompanying the shoot. 

   I pulled in at Santa Susan Pass and Iverson at around 7:15 AM parked along Iverson road and walked up to the Ranger parked on Santa Susana Pass Road and asked him if he was waiting for the film crew, he said yes and asked if I was them. I told him no I was just a guide to show the people in the crew where to go. He asked how I became the guide and I explained to him my history of researching the Spahn Ranch with nobody to show me I was basically self taught. He was very interested so I spent a time talking to him about the ranch and the property. He was very interested in the history of it that he said he didn’t know a lot about this place and Manson, but growing up in Lancaster as a child he said he remembered the Manson Family being there.   I informed him that was the incident where they found Dennis Rice’s kids all living in a chicken coop. Just fifteen minutes of me talking about the importance of preserving Spahn’ old ranch he agreed with my philosophy that the Manson story should be saved and preserved for the generations of people to come who will want to learn about what happened here and would like to see it for them self.  

  As we talked I got a text from the production company saying the film crew would be late so the State Park Ranger and I continued talking about the ranch. He was really interested in the story, in the past I have experienced other Rangers are not so interested in the Manson Story let alone trying to preserve it and its story of the Manson Family past gone by, for the many generations to come who would like to learn about it.  

  We got into much conversation about Manson; Ranger Mike is State Park Interpreter at Will Rogers Historic Park and told me of how one ranger informed him when he first got on the job there at Will Rogers of a Manson story there and the house of the Beach Boys originally owned by Will Rogers. He also works Topanga State Park and Manson and the Family traveled through that territory of his as well.  It was around 7:50 AM the film crew pulls in, said they was lost and had to call a friend of mine Stoner for directions. I thought to myself if I wasn’t showing them where the things are how would they have even found them? We were off to the infamous cave front of the Manson girls. 
​  The crew all loaded up with gear and the Ranger really fearing for their safety as the cars fly by on Santa Susana Pass road but we make it safely across the road and climb over the guard rail to the trail head and down the trail. I inform the crew to stay on the path, not to use the vegetation to hoist yourself up or down any hill, not to step on anything off the path and on the path if you can avoid stepping on the lovely little purple flowers it would be greatly appreciated by Californian’s since they are native and the last time they bloomed here was over ten years ago due to the drought. The ranger agreed and I could tell was quite impressed with my speech as we headed down the path I told the crew to be careful and try not to even rub against the vegetation because it now is in full bloom and much of what is coming to life is named Poison, poison oak that is.  

  We headed down the first hill on to the path known for many things, in the Manson days it was a road that lead from one ranch to the other and referred to as lover’s lane then by many. It was the path used in Ramrodder and also the trail head beginning for the horse rides. The first and only remaining structure from 1969 is the first thing we come to as the crew starts filming now what they call B-shots, shots of just the environment, nobody talking just the sounds of the ranch with visuals.

  I tell them you can see this structure in the Manson movie with a cart and buggy crossing it and the Manson Family in toe. The producer said he had seen that movie and the shot and remembered the bridge, we moved on down the path. The way we were walking if you continue straight you end up behind where George Spahn’s house was but from there we headed down the hill to the right, the path we took and that now leads to the cave front the girls were photographed in 1970 by Time Life Magazine. As we moved down the path to the bottom I told the crew they were a bit late for one shot. I explained there had been a V.W. there that was remains of the Manson Family but had since been removed by a fan and was in their garage now. The Ranger then informed me that if that was taken when the State owned the property it could be retained by California no matter where it is and at anytime. I told him I know that and I didn’t personally take it but I myself, do have much property from Spahn Ranch that I obtained well before the State ever bought the property, with photos to prove it and if the State ever decides to do something to preserve this history and make a place to show the public its history in relics I would be glad to donate that stuff back to the State of California. 
Photo shoot with State Ranger looking on.
  The reaction when you get to the cave front for the first time is always the same, wow this is it! The crew set up the equipment to film more B-shot Film here. We spent a lot of time here much of it me and Ranger Mike talking about Spahn, the sound man had to tell us to be “Quiet on the Set” four times.  

  After about half hour in front of shooting the cave then showing the spot where the girls took the photo for Time Life in the hammock on the trees and that was next and that is right there at the cave as well. I showed the Ranger some old Indian grinding bowls and the oak trees they most likely used then for food. He told me that I was right and I might be the first one to even know they were here since the Indians, he really was impressed with my knowledge from the years of research, days spent here since 1986 walking and looking around.

​  Ranger Mike told me it would be a good idea not to film the Indian Bowls and put them online and I told him I never have and hardly ever have shown them to anyone either. The crew now packing up the equipment to move on down the path and the producer asks what’s next and I say the next stop, the baby graves and Manson’s outdoor auditorium. 
Sunshine, Michael and Big Bird
​  Many people who follow the Manson Family story have heard of Paul and his dog in Death Valley digging for dead bodies several years ago but not many know Paul and the dog also came to Spahn Ranch and while there the dog also hit on dead bodies. The dogs name was Buster and is now since deceased himself but back in around 2009 the ranch was full of bulldozers and heavy earth moving machines in two separate spots here. The spots marked with flags of supposed dead bodies. Nothing was ever found here but in my nosiness at the time found out they were going on old rumors of abortions that happened at the ranch with some possible mass burial ground. This is the same area Manson rock is located.

​  I showed them the rock and went on to tell them the story of how Manson sat there and played for his family. The rock had Manson’s initials carved in it by him when he was there in 1968 and lasted all the way up until the church across the street came and cut it up with a diamond saw decades later. The ranger stopped me and asked “you know who destroyed that rock” and I told him I couldn’t pick a face from a line up but I know it was people involved at the church. It was the same time they had an article put in the LA Times of how they owned the place now and was changing its evil past into good. He seemed upset himself and would have like to see the rock unmolested.

  He told me if I knew who destroyed the Manson rock they could be prosecuted by the State of California and this is a jail able offence being that the “CM” Charles Manson carved in that rock in 1968 as far as the State Parks System is concerned falls in the same category as “Paleography or paleography a the study of ancient and historical handwriting. Included in the discipline are the practice of deciphering, reading, and dating historical manuscripts, and the cultural context of writing, including the methods with which writing and books were produced, and the history of scriptoria. The discipline is important for understanding, authenticating, and dating ancient texts.”
​  After Manson’s rock we headed up to the location of George Spahn’s old house and there sits another rock Manson was photographed on playing his guitar back in 1968. It was on that Manson rock we observed several Spahn relics that had been dug from a fresh hole in the ground right not far from the rock. The ranger retrieved the relics and placed them back in the hole and reburied them. He told me if people are caught here digging illegally they also can be prosecuted, I said I know and don’t dig here and never did much even before the State owned it because back then I found lots lying above ground.

  We then moved on to the last remaining piece of Spahn Ranch that is still standing. This relic is a lone telephone pole put in back in 1968 by George Spahn himself, now in 2017 it is half way burnt up but still standing. I tell them as we walk along the edge of the hillside by the bridge, in Tex Watson’s book he drew a map and in that map it was here he said was the Manson Family Garbage dump, and relics still remain in there as well as scorpions I observed there in about 2010. A small translucent white scorpion is what it was and one that is said to be very dangerous if it gets you.  

  Speaking of things that can kill you at Spahn Ranch beside the Manson Family, one thing to keep your eyes out for is rattlesnakes this year with all the rain we had they will be a plenty just ready to make your day here a bad day, so watch yourself and your step and we moved on.

  They filmed all that on the B-shots and again nobody talking just the ranch in all its beauty. The last thing was the last remaining vehicle at Spahn, it use to be one of many but it is the lone survivor now. I again explained sadly that there had been another vehicle at the bottom of the creek and since removed by somebody. The ranger said he could see somebody coming at night and doing that. I informed him over the years I have seen a guy here with a metal detector and a cart full of metal and another day a guy taking all the roofing material from the ranch. It’s frankly speaking been a nonstop theft and pillage of the place for years. I told him nobody seemed to care about this place sadly has turned into “the red headed step child of the California State Park system”. He agreed again and said all that need to change and he would talk to his piers more about this place. 
Big Bird at Spahn Ranch
​  The time at Spahn was now coming to an end and as we walked back to the parking area the ranger asked me if I would be interested in taking part in a program the state has where they sit a person down and have them talk about the history they know about in the park system to preserve for generations. He told me he thought my knowledge was something the State would love to document and asked if I would be willing to donate time to that. I told him I would be happy to do that for the State and he gave me his business card and took my email and phone number.
  Now traveling with the film crew I took them to an open spot high in the mountains there, one with a flat spot. It need a flat spot because Big Bird had to to land  a six thousand dollar HD Camera drone there. They lifted off at Lilac lane  on property once owned by George Spahn as well and flew all up and down Santa Susana Pass. I thought I was filming the drone at one point with my camera but I had my camera on and not the video so all I got was pictures and not real good ones at all. The drone was amazing to me, after it lifted up off the ground it was almost invisible if you didn’t know it was there. He flew it up over and in between the rocks, over the ranch and up the Santa Susana Pass. The drone filmed for about thirty minutes and landed. We packed up hiked back to the cars and headed for the next shoot.
​  We stopped at the grave of George Spahn and got photos of it pretty quickly and moved on. The next shots were of some of the notes and letters Manson had sent me over the years. That next shoot more B-shots, no talking, and that lasted another two hours or so, with a guy from the television network Reelz who showed up on scene here with the film crew from Pyramid productions.

​   I asked a lot of questions myself, some they answered some they didn’t. I was just curious about the documentary and told em them going with the Helter Skelter motive is like beating a dead horse. Many other people have come up with many other motives over the years so why not shoot for something different this time. The producer told me that was exactly what he planned on doing. He didn’t seem convinced much on the motive in Helter Skelter, but I was still skeptical.  Most of these film people know nothing of the subject they are doing it is just a job to them.

​  I asked of the people they were interviewing and got a response of “we just filmed in Utah” and I interrupted and said so you interviewed Barbara Hoyt? He said yes they have interviewed her for this already. I began to get more skeptical, not that I don’t trust Barbara’s opinion, I do, but she believes wholeheartedly in Helter Skelter was my thought. I couldn’t resist asking so you do you have other Manson Family members in this too? He would only say we are in contact with several of them yes. That answer only made me more curious to know who, but I would hold off because I had another day to go with the crew from Pyramid Productions. 
Charles Manson items collected over the years
​   It is hard to describe the feelings that go through your stomach on the day a film crew is going to shine lights in your eyes, put cameras in your face and ask you a bunch of questions you will answer blindly and have to live with the answers forever if they put them in the program. I was scheduled to be interviewed March 22, 2017 in Venice, California and it was the last one of the day for the crew. I showed up just as Steven Kay was leaving. So now we seem to be going more in that Helter Skelter direction again it seems by who I just seen leave.

  During the set up of the lights and the sound and everything that goes into them getting ready we got talking. One guy on the crew  asked if Manson ever gave me a nickname and I told them yes he gave me a few but I just like Michael. He called me several things like Capricorn, Ohio, and the Dog Man I told em. The he asked if Manson  would give us nicknames what do you think they would be, I told the first guy “Big Bird” he said that’s great you’re not the first one who said that. The sound guy to me would be “Sunshine” he smiled and said my girl friend calls me that. The producer is “Eskimo” being a man from the snow in Canada.

  As we talked I informed them this wasn’t my first film shoot or interview and I have learned some about the tactics used in these productions. I told them I would appreciate not being involved in any “Franken Bites” and if one doesn’t know what a “Franken Bite” is, it was something I learned from a producer on the “Death Dealers”. It is audio taken out of context to mean anything except what is was meant to mean. Example: Producer: So Michael you like Charles Manson as a friend and do you believe the motive of Helter Skelter. Michael: “Yes I like Charles Manson I have known him for years, Helter Skelter no that is a Beatles song.” Then when it turns up on film the question changes and becomes, Producer: "Manson is your friend do you believe in Helter Skelter", if they turn  it into a “Franken Bite” the audio would then sound as if I answered. Michael: “Charles Manson, yes, The Beatles song Helter Skelter, yes, I have known for years” So sometimes you can't even believe everything you hear, you hear it but it just may have been constructed like the Frankenstein monster piece by piece hence it’s name “Franken Bite”. 
Filming in Venice, California for "Manson"
  ​Contractually I cannot talk about what I talked about on film with them until after the film is aired on television except to say they interviewed me for over two hours and I don’t fall for the race war, live in a hole in the desert motive at all so.  

  It took three takes and during the second take I was outside taking a break smoking and the producer opened up a bit more to me. He told me Charles Manson himself had called him several times for this program and some of that will be aired. The producer said his last conversation with Manson was January 30, 2017 so it was all pretty recent stuff they got.

   I also asked him if he seen the new ABC Documentary and he said he seen about twenty minutes of it a person sent to him and on his phone I noticed when he went to the video, nosy me over his shoulder I seen it was a one Nancy Pittman who sent him the video. I then began to think wow this show may be something beyond Helter Skelter yet. Then I thought wow, Nancy watched that show the other night, wow, now I wonder how many other Manson’s watched it and thought of it as huge pile of bull malarkey.

   In talking with him he told me of the many names from the Manson Family past and present the Production Company are in contact with and trying to talk to for this project. I was amazed at the list of people he had already contacted including Charles Manson's lawyer during the trial Irving Kanarek.

  We went back and finished the takes on  the interview and for now my time had come to an end but it was a fun two days with the three new Canadian friends from Alberta whom will always be linked though our work on “CHARLES MANSON” these two days in March 2017. As I was leaving the producer dropped another nugget in my lap by saying Phil Kaufman is coming in tomorrow. It has me very curious now to see the finished product. It is scheduled for the fall season on Reelz TV, the producer said sometime in September 2017. Now it's being called "Charles Manson", but it is unnamed as of now. 
<![CDATA[Charles Manson at Mercy Hospital Bakersfield, California January 6, 2017]]>Fri, 06 Jan 2017 23:59:36 GMThttp://mansonsbackporch.com/backporch-visiting-room/charles-manson-at-mercy-hospital-bakersfield-california-january-6-2017January 3, 2017 Charles Manson was taken from Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California and rushed to Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield California more than an hour from the prison. All prison officials will continue to say is that "Manson is still alive". Later reports had his condition as Gastrointestinal bleeding and that he was witnessed in x-ray. On January 5, 2017 it was being widely reported by friends of Charles Manson he had passed away but those reports are premature, Charles Manson is still alive as of 4:07 Pacific time January 6, 2017. Updated condition in the video below. 
<![CDATA[Manson Family Ghosts of The Christmas Past]]>Sat, 24 Dec 2016 07:07:14 GMThttp://mansonsbackporch.com/backporch-visiting-room/manson-family-ghosts-of-the-christmas-pastManson Family Christmas items from the past, with Lynette in Texas a Charles Manson Christmas ornament, the Manson Family on Christmas in Stockton California and a Manson Christmas card. 
Happy Holidays !!!
<![CDATA[Charles Manson was raised on Jesus in the Bible belt ]]>Sat, 12 Sep 2015 08:12:20 GMThttp://mansonsbackporch.com/backporch-visiting-room/charles-manson-was-raised-on-jesus-in-the-bible-beltBorn in Ohio and raised in the tri-state area of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio on the old time religion and the good book. 
Michael A, Channels  
Charles Manson 1940's
Born on November 11, 1934 along the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio, Charles Milles Manson would spend his youth learning about Jesus and the Bible in this heavy religious area sometimes referred to as the Bible belt. Charlie would spend a large part of his youth with relatives in and along the Ohio River in Kentucky, West Virginia and in Ohio. From the time Manson was born until he was around 5 years old he was raised by anyone in his immediate family who would take him in. His single mother an alcoholic who would pass him off onto any willing relative whom would take him, not returning for days and sometimes weeks on end.  So Charlie being raised by many who were very religious and schooled on the Old Testament of Hell and damnation, many of them belonging to the Church of the Nazarene's.

One particular set of relatives an Aunt and Uncle who Manson said had some serious marital problems, solving them by being born again in the blood of Jesus Christ. Manson said they became to the extreme, with a strict belief in religion that would scare him at times.  His grandmother who also raised him was just as extreme, not partaking in many of the devils works, such as television or motion pictures, no tobacco or alcohol, going to church on Wednesday evenings and twice on Sundays, taking Charlie along when he stayed with her in Kentucky and just as strict religious Aunt in McMechen, West Virginia.
People would recall seeing Manson in church saying things like Manson was not to keen on the church part of it but he loved to sing the hymns. Songs like “Go tell it on the mountain” and “Amazing Grace” is no strangers to Charles Manson, he was singing them on the banks of the Ohio River from his birth.  

Around 1939 Charlie’s mother whom was taking care of him at the time, along with her brother would attempt to rob a gas station, beating the clerks over the head with Soda Pop bottles to no avail, they would get caught and sentenced to time in Prison in Moundsville, West Virginia. 

Manson's mother
Manson's uncle
Manson was now full time with the relatives who were taking him to church trying to teach him how to be a good Nazarene, but Charlie had more of an interest in what his uncle was about and his way of life, the uncle now doing time in Moundsville. Charlie would also pay attention to the ways of the preachers of the podiums of the tent meetings and revivals he would attend. These guys to him merely snake oil salesman who would come to town and sell you a few bottles of Dr. Good.

In 1941 Charles Manson was 7 years old and he said his grandmother had him give his heart to Jesus. Jesus works in mysterious ways and you must be broken to be born again is what they preach, Jesus would now have Charles Manson’s heart thanks to his grandmother, right along the great Ohio river in the Bible belt, that’s where  Charles Manson first learned about Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior. 
The video below Charlie talks about his life and crimes growing up in the tri-state area. 
1942 they released his mother from prison and she again reclaimed him for a new start, he was now 8 years old. Only to later to try to have him placed in a Foster Home, but nobody would want the now 8 year old Charles Manson. It wasn’t long Charles was on his first stint in Lock up, spending time in Gibault school for boys in Indiana.

1952 Charles Manson was back in the Bible belt, in prison again in Chillicothe, Ohio, from Sept 22, 1952 until his parole on May 8, 1954, he was now 19 years old. One of the conditions of his parole was for him to go back to McMechen and live with his religious Aunt. He would go there, take on odd jobs like a parking lot attendant, and working in a gas station, or as a dancing instructor, and he also burglarized houses and stole cars. Charles stole a car in Wheeling and drove it to Florida, abandons it there and stole another one to drive back to West Virginia; he also ran booze, marijuana, and guns across many state lines.
Charles wedding photo, he was 20 and she was 15
January 1955 Charles got married to a girl from the Steubenville, Ohio area. His heart must have been conflicted with what he had learned as a young Nazarene in church giving his heart the Lord Jesus because he would later claim he only married her to have sex with her. Shortly thereafter he loaded up his pregnant wife in a car he stole from Bridgeport, Ohio and took off for California. Robbing gas stations and stealing gas along the way. This is the last the tri-state area would see of Charles Manson, but certainly not the last time Ohio would hear about him.

He would go onto be one of the biggest well known so called cult leaders of his time, one can only wonder if Charles Manson learned his craft of preaching, and selling bottles of Dr. Good along the Ohio River. He would go on to be the face of one of the most horrific cult murders in American history all while his followers who did the killing all praised and loved Jesus, some going even as far as thinking Manson was Jesus, born in a manger along the Ohio River in the Bible Belt. 

<![CDATA[My love of crime started along the river in Wellsville, Ohio in the 1970's]]>Mon, 31 Aug 2015 07:18:22 GMThttp://mansonsbackporch.com/backporch-visiting-room/my-love-of-crime-started-along-the-river-in-wellsville-ohio-in-the-1970sThe crime stories I heard in Wellsville from those who were there and the ones that committed them. 
By: Michael A, Channels 9/1/2015 Mansonsbackporch.com
I have been asked several times the question how and when where you first aware of Charles Manson, and what got me interested in crime. I would have to say if I was to answer honestly,  I was born into a Family of people with many crime stories to tell me as a young child, so of course my love of crime all started back in Wellsville Ohio in the nineteen seventies.  I was born along the Ohio River in a small hospital in East Liverpool  in 1965 my love of a good crime story started very early in life at my great grandmothers house on Clark Ave,  a house where I spent time with my great grandmother Mary Channels. She would never tell anyone, but she was involved personally in one of the greatest crime stories in American History and when asked refused to talk about it much. I was always a bit eager for more information as a child so would push her on the subject when spending time with her down on Clark Ave. She was a proud Christian woman and very leery in talking about it, not because of the fact a man died, but really coming down to the part she would play in the whole thing. I think she may have felt a bit guilty and conflicted by the spectacle the cites put on displaying the body and all the media and interviewers. Her Christian attitude was strong and she would only first say of it “I helped everyone who would come into my presents, that’s what the Lord wants me to do”, and that was actually how the story of my great grand-mother and her brush with Criminal history starts. 

My Great-grandmother and myself May 1979
Her and my great-grandfather owned land in many spots in Wellsville, small partials of land from route 45 to 39 and around route 7, in and around the time of 1934; they used it as farmland and raised crops and animals on it. My grandmother the one who would spend most of her time working the land, watering the plants she grew with the help of water from a well they had dug on the property. My grandmother explained it to me like this whenever asked about her brush in American Criminal History, “She was doing the Lords work, for brothers in need” and she really wanted not to talk about it. I did though and one day got her to tell me what the story was from her side. She finally broke down and explained it to me one day because I think she knew I wasn’t going to leave this subject alone.

I kept telling her of the many of my good friends all had stories of how their grandparents were all involved in this historic event, some were cops, some worked in the funeral industry, some just innocent bystanders who all became part of the most important crime story of its time. My great grandmother’s story not one of them stories, it was never told in newspapers or any historic recollection, because she refused to tell it. I just needed to hear it from her with my own ears.

As she would eventually tell me her story, that she always said was nothing big and nothing to brag about or celebrate, but I begged  to differ with her because her story unlike my friends grandparents stories she actually was never the one to celebrate the death in the streets, or sell her story to a media outlet for cash. She did so much to inspire my compassion for the good criminal /crime story. I would definitely credit her a bit for that compassion to seek the good crime story because my very first one may have just come from her. 

My Great Grandmother the Angel on the hill. 

It was late October (20, 1934) early in morning and my great-grandmother was working her land just off of Koontz Ave. and Route 7 when she was startled by someone in the brush as she walked by with her watering cans. She said the man spoke up and asked if he could get some water from her. The man with another man on a blanket said they were broken down waiting for the women to return with a repaired car. My grandmother walked them both to the well and let them drink from it and gave them water to take, she said she only briefly spoke with them; they thanked her and moved on. She also moved on her way, returning to her own home now approaching noon.  It may have been at that moment when neighbor Joe Fryman seen her on the hillside in his back yard and went to investigate, but by that time she had gone. Joe Fryman would see the two men himself; back on the blanket and ask them their business there, then later walk back down hill to his yard and told a neighbor who went and called Wellsville Police.

In two days the man my great-grandmother gave water to. Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd would be dead and on display in East Liverpool for the entire world to see. Joe Fryman’s comments to the coroner were, “We were standing there talking and I happened to look up on the hill and seen something white up there, it looked like a woman to me”.

My grandmother a very God fearing Christian woman, said she was not present at the Sturgis Funeral Home as thousands of others said they did, to what she would call “make a spectacle of someone” I knew my Great grandmother well and I would bet she was on her knees praying for the soul of the men that were killed and injured. Joe Fryman said he thought he seen a woman, something white, and he did very well see that, he seen an Angel of God there, my great-grandmother Mary Channels, there to help a man in need no matter whom the man may be, even if it was Public Enemy number one, a aka: Pretty Boy Floyd.

Pretty Boy Floyd

Charles and Helter Skelter

My other side of the family also had interesting characters that influenced my interest in crime as well, and my uncle Charles was himself the legend where crime was concerned.  My uncle Charles Fluharty was one of the first people to spark my interest in the Manson Family back in the early nineteen seventies. He at one point was living with us as somewhat more of a brother than an uncle and had a huge influence, on what myself as a young child, was learning by just watching him. I always looked at him as a Charles Manson type character back then with his long hair, beard and attitude of he didn’t care or follow many rules, he was just a rebel and enjoyed being one. He had books and magazines with the faces of the characters they called the Manson Family in them, I remember running across them and looking at the pictures of this scary looking family from Los Angeles, California. Many of days being with my uncle as a teenager and later as a young adult,  I literally thought I was going to end up dead, because he pushed all the limits at all times, the pedal was always to the floor going a hundred miles an hour. He later would get caught up in it all and would end up having to pay his dept to society, not by choice but by a Judge’s orders. He was sentenced and spent time in the historic Ohio State Reformatory (OSR), also known as the Mansfield Reformatory. We would go there as well to visit and to take my grandmother to see him; it was the cold brick looking castle as I remember it in my mind’s eye. Mansfield as our family called it later became best-known when it was portrayed as Shawshank State Prison in the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption. So my uncle could later say he was in Shawshank and I can say I visited my uncle Charles in Shawshank as well. We were kind of like the story behind the story they were trying to tell in the movie, but it was all reality in our family, not some Hollywood production. It was no dream Charles was big time now. 

My uncle Charles
When Charles stayed with us, my mother, his sister, would give him a room to himself that would later be my sisters room that my mother was preparing for her first daughter, being pregnant at the time. I remember one day my mother loaded me and my brother in the car and made a trip to Wellsville High School, we pulled up to the back of the school and parked. As me and my brother sat in the car and waited like kids did in the seventies, I saw what was the first introduction to Charles Manson right in front of me as we sat and waited, right there in good ole Wellsville on the back of the High School and it was all thanks to my uncle Charles.

What me and my brother sat and stared at the entire time while my mother was visiting the staff inside were the words painted in large red letters, dripping down the back side of the school building, it said “HELTER SKELTER”. Charles Manson was still on trial at the time in Los Angeles and this now in town only put many people in Wellsville in a frenzy, that a psychopath was now in Wellsville to steal peoples kids and who knows what else. It really put the creeps down people’s spines at the time and had the city a bit scared.  So it was soon removed and the legend of Helter Skelter on Wellsville High School would only grow over the years and never really have any ending of who did it. 

Inside Mansfield where my uncle was housed.
We now come to the year 2015 and with all the social media pages that come along, with that,  one gets to hear all the gossip of hometown without even being in your old hometown. This was the year of the reunion was held in Wellsville for all the old classmates from all the old classes combined into a weekend celebration. Many of our old classmates got  together to socialize and have a few drinks then head back to where they came from until next time. I never have made it to one of these events being a 2500 mile trip to get there, but again with the advent of the internet one don’t miss much these days. I heard an interesting story through the grapevine where I was there in spirit in many ways. One of my old classmate friends would tell me a discussion that got started about me, she not getting in too much detail of what they had to say about me in the discussion but I thought I would most likely probably be able to guess. Maybe one of them seen me on television in one of the shows I have done, maybe they seen me talk about it on Facebook, maybe someone has seen the You Tube page, or maybe like all small towns and its people they just know. The subject of the discussion was back to Charles Manson and the Helter Skelter that was written on the High School wall, in red paint, that one time back in the seventies.

“Wonder if Michael did that…” she said some would ask.

I knew I could have guessed why I was being discussed, it was the interest I have in crime and particularly my interest in the Manson Family and Charles Manson.  

Charles Manson and Michael, in California
That paint on the wall may have just been the match that sparked my interest in the subject matter itself and ironically enough was put there by the uncle I referred to earlier whom had the look of the Manson himself when he did look the hippie type, Charles was the outlaw in our family, the man who sat in a cell at Shawshank. The man who on October 18, 2014 got into his car and drove off into history and he has not been seen since then. He left no note, he left no clues, but he has not left my subconscious, he will always be there. He is my legendary uncle Charles. The one that reminded me of Manson, and the one I would later sit and tell Manson about. Charles always has played it by his own rules all the way to the very end. I am not saying it is the end or ever the end, because to me Charles is just out there driving around on some back road on the outskirts of Wellsville somewhere, doing what he loved to do. If one night a souped up Nova passes you on a two lane road going 90 with “Nazareth” blasting “Hair of the Dog” from the sound system in the car, you have probably just had an encounter with my Uncle Chuck, the guy who to me is a legend himself, and he was probably the ghost driver who just passed you by.  

Missing poster of my uncle Charles

More on Michael's Investigations and the Manson Family crimes

Additional Information contained below on places Where to search for Michael Channels talking more about his investigations and personal experiences with his interests in crime, and Charles Manson and the Helter Skelter crimes he was convicted of.

1.       Discovery Channel on the program “Haunted History-The Manson Family Murders” 2013

2.       Science Channel program “Death Dealers” 2012

3.       TradioV on Internet television with Danny boy from the House of Pain, Delta Bravo Show.  2013

4.       June 11, 2014 appearance on The Dricore Olde Tyme radio show WCSB 89.3 FM Cleveland, Ohio 1:00 AM TO 4:00 AM Wed. mornings.

5.       7/16/2014 Michael Channels and The Backporch Tapes Live on The MIC SHOW talk: Charlie Manson Family.

6.       TradioV The Manson Family Christmas show with Danny Boy from the House of Pain 2013

7.       Appearance on “Roggan’s Hero” to talk to Fred Roggan the host about getting Autographs during the O.J. Simpson trial 1998 NBC

8.       Mansonsbackporch.com

9.       Michaelsbackporch / the Backporch Tapes on You Tube


<![CDATA[The real ATWA is still out there working to save the air, the trees, the water and the animals in 2015.]]>Sun, 16 Aug 2015 00:18:33 GMThttp://mansonsbackporch.com/backporch-visiting-room/the-real-atwa-is-still-out-there-working-to-save-the-air-the-trees-the-water-and-the-animals-in-2015 Sandra Good has always supported Manson's environmental movement, A.T.W.A.  (Air Trees Water Animals). She believed so much for her cause  she was convicted  on December 22, 1975, along with Susan Murphy, both indicted for "conspiracy to send threatening letters through the mail"  in connection with death threats  against more than 170 corporate executives from major oil companies to paper manufactures who Good believed were polluting the earth. Found guilty on March 16, 1976, Good was sentenced on April 13, 1976 to 15 years in prison.

So if anyone is serious about the environment it would be Sandra. She has proven herself to be an activist who is willing to sacrifice herself for the better of the cause of A.T.W.A. She one of the founders of the movement along with Charles Manson, Lynette Fromme, George Stimpson and herself were innovators in online awareness for the environment and its well being by starting the site ATWA.com  on January 26, 1996. One of the first Environmental awareness sites on the internet, ATWA.com was a pro-Manson pro-environment  website on which  claimed to have a real source of Manson thought.

I have been following the workings of Sandra for years, as she was behind bars and later after she was paroled in  early December 1985, after having served 10 years in prison. Some people may find her style abrasive or maybe even a bit crazy in some of the things she has said over the years, but she is genuine, what you see is what you get, a woman with a passion who will stand behind a cause for life.  A quality that is rare these days with the internet, people tend to talk about it more than they get out and do it. Sandy got and did it.
Sandra "Blue" Good
She was an inspiration to kids like me who watched her in sound bites or television interviews, she had a message she constantly stuck to and that was the environment is very important, and each one of us play a huge part in that. Do it for yourself, be true to your cause. Have a passion in it and go at it one hundred percent no matter what the world is chanting back at you. She was the inspiration for many of young women to come who now have an awareness of the role they play all by the message Sandra connived to the listening reporters and cameras back in 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1975.  
Letter left by the crew that cleaned up Barker Ranch after the fire.
These days you don't hear much from or about Sandra, she lives a quiet life outside the cameras and sound bites these days but she still is at work for what she believes in. She has not given up or backed out, she is just not reported on these days and that seems to be how she would like to keep it.  Don't be confused with not in the news and not working to save the air because that would be the wrong conclusion.

Barker Ranch has long been known as a hangout for the Manson clan and over the years they have hung out there more than one would have ever guessed. Tourist would come and go and not even realize they were standing right next to Sandra Good in the flesh.  When Barker Ranch burned down Sandra Good was one of the first people there to lend her hand to clean the site up, without a post, update, or tweet she went and did it and didn't talk about it. The sign above  is one they left behind at Barker Ranch, the only sign they left to know they were even there. They frequently cleaned the ranch and replaced posts and other items you may have used and not even known they put there.

Spahn's Movie Ranch 1969
Not unlike most public places these days, people come to Manson Family sites and points of interest to only leave behind trash and graffiti, trample things and leave behind a scar. The Santa Susana Pass park does clean up, trail cleaning, removal of invasive plants and days to even pick up trash, Spahn's Movie ranch although located in the park never gets any attention except for more litter and graffiti. It is like the red headed step son of the park system, they use it mainly to generate fees from production companies to film made for television Manson movies more than they do anything else there. So when the ranch property gets damaged, or graffiti on it, most likely time will have to take it away.

If you want it done, you better do it yourself. When you don't like something, do something about it.

These days if the cave gets covered in graffiti, Stoner Van Houten from here at Mansonbackporch.com, loads up his car with brushes and removers and heads to clean the once past home of the Manson Family. Of coarse it is frustrating that someone would take it upon themselves to damage property that is owned by all CALIFORNIA and its residents, but Stoner ends up there getting it all off with a bit of blood, sweat, tears and a smile. He does report on his daily deeds not for accolades but only for the informational needs of the people who want to know.

Stoner Van Houten
Graffiti before clean up.
Stoner's Friend Charlie helping clean
He has cleaned, swept, and picked up trash at the ranch a few years now feeling a great sense of accomplishment for doing his part to the future generations that will come along and also for the environment itself.  I guess one could call it a Family tradition of what he is keeping up. His work there doesn't go unnoticed, many see it and are thankful for Stoner to help keep that little piece of property in the Santa Susana Pass clean and accessible in the chance they can come by and visit it themselves. Sometimes doing something so small can generate an attention you never could have dreamed of or imagined and Stoner has done just that with his deeds to this place the people in the know call the Spahn's movie ranch. Stoner's work has been noticed by one of the people who mentioned above, does the same type of work herself. Stoner had no idea the eyes who were watching him but got message from one important person in the history of that land telling him she like what he does there.
Sandra Good note to Stoner Van Houten
Spahn signed by Sandra Good
Sandra Good (To: Stoner)
<![CDATA[Collecting Charles Manson: in His Own stuff: The Shocking Collections of 'The Most Dangerous Man Alive']]>Fri, 07 Aug 2015 08:23:23 GMThttp://mansonsbackporch.com/backporch-visiting-room/collecting-charles-manson-in-his-own-stuff-the-shocking-collections-of-the-most-dangerous-man-aliveManson in His Own Words: The Shocking Confessions of 'The Most Dangerous Man Alive'  was a book written by Nuel Emmons in 1988.  We got to watch in all amazement as Charles Manson went on national television and promoted his new book. The interview where he said things like " If I started killing people there would be none of you left." ,or,  "if I wanted to kill someone I would beat you with this book and I wouldn't feel a thing"

Today things from Charles Manson and  that interview have become highly collectible items. The photos below show things like the  shirt Manson wore in the interview on television, the actual signed contract for the book, media and promotional photos, DVD'S of the interview, to the teeth from the mouth of Charles Manson that day.  These things all in private collections and highly sought after in the crime memorabilia world.

Press Media Photo
Manson's interview shirt Bippo collection
Manson's Teeth Supernaught.com
Book Contract
Some of the harder to find one of a kind items can sell for thousands of dollars becoming out of reach for most collectors. Charles Manson is one of the more popular people in the crime collecting world and probably one of the most misrepresented of all criminals. 

 A Google search for Charles Manson Autograph will give you results in the thousands, but have you ever wondered how many of them were actually real? I have gotten letters in the mail from Charles Manson for over 20 years now and have become pretty good at spotting things that just don't look right when others want  claim they have a "GENUINE REAL" Charles Manson autograph.  I am not just talking because I also have credentials that include, writing credits, with several pieces I have written for "Autograph Times" in the ninety's as a contributing writer. I have studied autographs for years and collected them for over 35 years. I also have to my credit making an appearance on Rogan's Hero's television program here in Los Angeles as a Autograph Expert during the O.J. trial, to talk sports autographs with Fred Rogan.  I Google Charles Manson autograph, my honest opinion is, over half of them are not real., some are known fakes and some are just laughable.

Authentic Charles Manson post card. Supernaught.com collection.

One particular website recently got caught selling Fake crime signatures, the F.B.I. busted a ring that was creating fake Mickey Mantles, Princess Diana's and Charles Manson's. Those items I still see for sale on Google daily. So called reputable auction houses sell fakes daily with no recourse or any guarantees, none they stand behind anyway. I have seen plenty of people make statements about things that simply wasn't true. So the moral to the story again would be, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. 

 Charles Manson items are not rare, they are out there, and they are real if you find them from the right places. So collect with a passion and a caution all at the same time because many who claim to be professionals are not, or the ones who claim to be honest, well I would say,  you be the judge of how honest they are not them. 

From time to time we come across some amazing pieces as well and the pieces of shirt from the Manson interview has to be one of them finds. If your interested in one of these pieces of rare crime memorabilia we have only a few left with more information below 

We have been able to obtain authentic Charles Manson shirt relics from the shirt he was wearing in 1988 on "The Heidi Schulman"  Interview with Nuel Emmons and Charles Manson on the Today Show in 1988. I was able to obtain a limited amount of Actual pieces of Manson's shirt from the Interview,  and then packaged them in a framed display piece with pre printed autograph all ready to hang on the wall.  These are limited to less than 50, and Mansonsbackporch.com has a small few left for sale at $35.00 each and an additional shipping charge. If interested email Backporchtapes@ca.rr.com for availability and ordering information.  

Framed shirt display piece comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the Backporch Tapes
<![CDATA[Spahn's Movie Ranch Chatsworth, California  T-SHIRTS]]>Fri, 07 Aug 2015 01:01:52 GMThttp://mansonsbackporch.com/backporch-visiting-room/spahns-movie-ranch-chatsworth-california-t-shirtsLimited edition Mansonsbackporch.com collectible T-Shirts
If you would like to show your support to this web page and freak out your neighbors at the same time, for only $15.00 you can purchase our custom made Mansonsbackporch.com tee shirt. With all proceeds going to pay the cost to keep the site up and running and updated with personal information only Mansonsbackporch.com can show you.  
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